The Club “Officina Ferrarese of  History Motorsports” was founded on 1 March 1986 by a group of friends who share a passion for historic vehicles.

The founding members were:

Stefano Arborini, Giorgio Baruffa, Stefano Bendandi, Guido Bruzzo, Amedeo Cicotti, Contardo Cimatti, Massimo De Angelis,, Elviro Mario Govoni, Maurizio Grazzi, Giampaolo Mandini, Luca Padovani, Alberto Vergine.

The name “Officina Ferrarese” was a particularly happy choice, suited to the specific character of the Club because it echoes the workshop where they repair and finalize the car and also an underlying historical reference to a particularly fruitful artistic period in our city .

“Officina Ferrarese” was in fact the name given to the Ferrarese school of painting of the fifteenth century that had as its first founder Cosme Tura and counted other great Renaissance artists such as Ercole de Roberti, Francesco del Cossa, Benvenuto Tisi da Garofalo, Dosso Dossi, and others.

First President of the Club was Amedeo Cicotti. During the time that has been in office, two events were characterized and given great impetus and visibility to our club: the exhibitions held at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in 1988 and 1989 Bugatti brothers on the history of Alfa Romeo. Both events were concluded with rallies and brand with great success.

Then the President went to Giulio Felloni. In 1990 Giulio Felloni had the idea to create an event related to motoring history, to the knowledge of our land, our cuisine and culture. Thus was born “VALLEYS AND FOG”, whose formula, unchanged, continues to reap success and acclaim. Nine “Golden Crank” row are the testimony of the favor that this event has not only met by the participating teams, but also by the representative bodies of motoring history.

In 2000, he wanted to pay homage to Ettore Bugatti, a hundred years before in the garden of the Palace Gulinelli in Corso Ercole I d’Este and with the financial assistance of Count Olaus Gulinelli, built his first car. For the occasion was organized an international gathering of Bugatti cars and Corso Ercole I d’Este, in the presence of the children of Ettore Bugatti and Count Claudio Gulinelli was unveiled a plaque commemorating the event.

Help the Club were then followed Massimo Maiarelli e Riccardo Zavatti, the latter still in office, which gave further impetus to the partnership of Ferrara fans of vintage cars, thus achieving the remarkable figure of over 1000 members.

Our Club has organized numerous rallies and organizes for its members, even international, in fact, our cars have repeatedly crossed the border coming in Monaco, France, Switzerland, Slovenia and Croatia.

For several years, along with Aero, all’Assonautica and Jazz Club Ferrara to organize the “Mirto Govoni Memorial” in memory of a sportswriter very attached to their work and our region.

It is with pride that we want to be remembered that many club members have become important players in sporting success, winning or getting good positions in numerous national and international gatherings. At the headquarters there is a library of the most important specialized magazines and numerous publications; large space has been reserved for the Italian-built cars, with some model-specific texts, broad review of the most famous coachbuilders – again Italian case – and several texts on foreign cars.


In 1990 the then club president Giulio Felloni had the idea to create an event related to motoring history, to the knowledge of our land, our cuisine and culture. Thus was born “VALLI E NEBBIE”, whose formula, unchanged, continues to reap success and acclaim, both to arrive in 2012 to its 23th edition.

Of particular note during the 2009’s “twenty years” of the event, to which were devoted reseconti large part of national magazines.

L ‘A.S.I. (Historic Italian Automotoclub), which is federated our Club, has set up an award for several years – the “Golden Crank” – which gives annually to the best events including those held at the national level. The prize is awarded after a selection made by the special Committee of the SIA National Car Events and is presented at the annual meeting of Presidents of the Federated clubs ASI

All ‘Officina Ferrarese was awarded the “Golden Crank” for nine years. Particularly significant to emphasize the value of this recognition, the motivation is expressed at the award ceremony for the year 2001:


“Interpretation should be as nearly perfect dell’Automotoclub Italian Historical events, a park always brand new cars, general great elegance and refinement in hospitality. But above all among the happiest occasion to meet and share their passion with true friends . “

The latest “Crank d’Oro”, which was attributed to our Club in 2008, was conferred with reasoning equally flattering and can be summarized with these words:

“The originality and beauty of the place, the historical importance and elegance of the cars participating and excellence of the organization.”

For several years the Valleys and Mists opens the season of events and ASI is also the first of the events planned for the Marco Polo Trophy.

The spirit of this trophy – to combine the pleasure of driving your own vehicle to the town to visit places rich in history and culture – is the same that animates the organizers of the Valleys and Ferrara Mists since its birth.


To participate at the “Valli e Nebbie” you must download and fill out the membership form and send it to our e-mail.

Club Officina Ferrarese del Motorismo Storico

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